Best Short Fiction

  • Lady in Black

    Gana Čomagić Slovenia, Fiction, 13’00”

    Amidst a sudden surge of deaths during a new pandemic, a funeral director eagerly embraces the influx of business, seeing it as a twist of fate. However, encounters with clients who pass judgment—like one disdainful of his daughter's playful presence in the funeral home—prompt him to ponder the moral ambiguities of his trade.

  • Wrecker

    Martina McGlynn Ireland, Fiction, 14’13’’

    Ireland 1849, a young girl grows suspicious about how her father has been providing for them as famine tears through their community.

  • Amanda, You Lied!

    Eva Libertad, Nuria Muñoz Spain, Fiction, 16‘17‘‘

    Amanda and Virgi are two inseparable friends, but nothing will ever be the same again, when one afternoon, a man crosses their path.

  • A Good Boy

    Paul Vincent de Lestrade France, Belgium, Fiction, 19’21’’

    During a training session, 16-year-old Maxime sees the police arrive to question his coach, who has been accused of sexual abuse by one of the club’s children. These accusations are going to crack the shell of silence he had been trying to build.

  • Another Nest

    Márk Beleznai Hungary, Fiction, 17’24’’

    The 24-year-old Ádám lives the calm life of a small-time pot dealer in his late-grandma's apartment, in the outskirts of Budapest. Bence, his 14-year-old half-brother who just left home and is looking for refuge at Ádám’s place.

  • Pigeons Are Dying, When The City Is On Fire

    Stavros Markoulakis Greece, Fiction, 21'00''

    On the warmest day of the year, all creatures dream of escaping from the city that's burning.

  • The pileup

    Óscar Toribio Carbayo Spain, Fiction, 12'34''

    Angustias is an elderly widow who lives a sad and dull life because she misses her late husband.
    One day he receives a mysterious package and when he opens it he finds inside a strange object
    that he has never seen. With the help of her friends, she will try to find out what "the pileup" is for. 

  • The First Setting Sun of Summer

    Asteris Tziolas Greece, Fiction, 22'20''

    Summer, early 2000s. A young boy arrives at his grandparents’ house in a small seaside village. Summertime is finally on! Keeping him company during his carefree summer days, is the mysterious “witch”, a self-isolated elderly woman living in an old house by the sea. When one day the woman is no longer there, the boy will turn his gaze, for the first time, to the light of the setting sun.

  • Taste Life

    Léo-Antonin Lutinier France, Fiction, 25'17''

    Antonin (35) is not so young anymore, his ardor and insolence should have evaporated with the years but he remains unpredictable in his social relationships, in his love and friendship relationships. He is often funny, sometimes pathetic, or the opposite. Who can support his endurance? Antonin bumps up against reality, so come what may, he will end up breathless.

  • The Ghosts you Draw on my Back

    Nikola Stojanović Serbia, Fiction, 14’00’’

    Teenage Sara travels to a small provincial town to attend the memorial service of her grandmother.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • Aunque es de noche

    Guillermo García López Spain, France, Fiction, 16’00’’

    La Cañada Real, Europe's largest slum on the outskirts of Madrid, has been without electricity for over a year. In the firelight, Toni, a 13 year-old boy, discovers that his best friend Nasser is leaving forever. Amongst Roma legends of a possible future, Toni looks for a way to stay connected to him.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • Joie de vivre

    Dada Canada, Fiction, 11'38''

    On a bright winter morning, Trevor and Elsa share breakfast in their Montreal apartment. Trevor interrupts the silence with a simple, "You good?" disrupting the balance of their relationship.

  • Every Day It Gets A Little Easier

    Cagil Bocut Turkey, Fiction, 20’00’’

    A teenage swimmer jeopardizes her chances of making the provincial team when she struggles to balance her rigorous training schedule with the demands of school, her relationship, and her family.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • The Tuner of Silences

    Mário Patricínio Portugal, Brazil, Fiction, 21’00’’

    Mwanito only knows his father, brother, uncle and servant. He’s been told that the rest of the world is dead.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • Please make it work

    Daniel Soares Switzerland, Portugal, Fiction, 14'00''

    Cláudia is a Portuguese immigrant who deals with a terrorizing boss, her rejecting daughter and the strong mountain wind, as she cleans sophisticated AirBnB’s in the Swiss Alps.

  • The Date

    Amy Hodge United Kingdom, Fiction, 12'52''

    Sasha, a loud mouthed thirteen-year-old goes on her first date but when she gets turned on and takes charge of her own sexuality it reveals the confusing nature of what girls are allowed to want.

  • Sports Day

    August Adrian Braatz Slovenia, Fiction, 22’50’’

    Lucian (13) applies for the skiing sports day at school, even though he can’t ski at all. Lucian doesn't want to be an outsider. He wants to fit in.

  • FÁR

    Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter Iceland, Fiction, 05’13’’

    A bird hits a window of a café and disrupts its customers. A woman faces a decision on whether to ignore nature or to react.

  • The Heart of Texas

    Gregory JM Kasunich USA, Fiction, 14’54’’

    An aspiring country singer on her way to a life changing audition collides with an undocumented worker who refuses medical care.