The Tuner of Silences

The Tuner of Silences

Best Short Fiction Mário Patricínio Portugal, Brazil, Fiction, 21’00’’

Mwanito’s been living in a big-game park for eight years. The only people he knows are his father, his brother, an uncle, and a servant. He’s been told that the rest of the world is dead, that all roads are sad, and that they wait for an apology from God.

The Tuner of Silences
Film block: FICTION / Teenage Stories
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Language
  • Country Portugal, Brazil
  • Genre Fiction
  • Cinematographer Paul Bessa
  • Scriptwriter Mário Patricínio
  • Producer Mário Patricínio
  • Music Fred
  • Editor Cláudia Silvestre
  • Cast Enzo Ignácio, Fabrício Assis, Markus Konka, Wanderson Brasil, Wilson Rabelo
  • Animation Inês Correia, Fausto Ribeiro
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 21’00’’
Mário Patricínio
Director Mário Patricínio

Mário Patrocínio was born in 1978 in Lisbon. A year away from majoring in economics, in Lisbon University, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking. Nowadays, he is the partner of the production company BRO Cinema with a focus on creating global relevant content for multi-platforms, cinema, and advertising. Mário's slate is a combination of various IPs developed in the company's writer's room, and it includes TV series, documentaries, and feature films.

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