Best Short Fiction

Film 1 The Washing Machine
Film 2 The Pileup
Film 3 Lady in Black
Film 4 L'âge Acrobatique
Film 5 Taste Life

Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Lady in Black

    Gana Čomagić Slovenia, Fiction, 13’00”

    Amidst a sudden surge of deaths during a new pandemic, a funeral director eagerly embraces the influx of business, seeing it as a twist of fate. However, encounters with clients who pass judgment—like one disdainful of his daughter's playful presence in the funeral home—prompt him to ponder the moral ambiguities of his trade.

  • The pileup

    Óscar Toribio Carbayo Spain, Fiction, 12'34''

    Angustias is an elderly widow who lives a sad and dull life because she misses her late husband.
    One day he receives a mysterious package and when he opens it he finds inside a strange object
    that he has never seen. With the help of her friends, she will try to find out what "the pileup" is for. 

  • Taste Life

    Léo-Antonin Lutinier France, Fiction, 25'17''

    Antonin (35) is not so young anymore, his ardor and insolence should have evaporated with the years but he remains unpredictable in his social relationships, in his love and friendship relationships. He is often funny, sometimes pathetic, or the opposite. Who can support his endurance? Antonin bumps up against reality, so come what may, he will end up breathless.