With its architectural grandeur the Palace of Culture in Pernik is one of the symbols of the city. For 60 years it has been a spiritual centre for the citizens, a place of communication between world cultures and traditions. Many have crossed its threshold to enter the world of music, dance, and world art. People also use the opportunity to develop their talents in various professional and amateur forms of training. The careers of a number of famous Bulgarian artists have started here. The palace offers a stage to musicians, poets, writers, artists and intellectuals.


The development of mining and industrial enterprises leave a mark in the cultural heritage of Pernik with numerous architectural and spatial signs and buildings that have become unique cultural monuments.

Undoubtedly, the jewel in the crown is the Directorate of Mines. Its building fascinates with grandeur and magnificence, it was built in 1932 as the National Headquarters of Autonomous Mini Pernik, which then managed 83% of all mines in Bulgaria. It has original neoclassical architecture with carved mining symbols and a clock tower connected by a unique Breguet mechanism to 30 other clocks in the building. The interior spaces are designed in Gothic style, with richly ornamented ceilings and vaults.


  • From Sofia Airport to Pernik by TRAIN From Sofia Airport to Pernik by TRAIN

    1. By train Take the M4 subway line near Terminal 2 (if you are arriving at Terminal 1 you can take bus 184 and 84 to Terminal 2) and get off on the subway station “St. Kliment Ohridski”. From there you have to get on subway line M3 in direction “Gorna Banya” and travel to its last station – “Gorna Banya”. At “Gorna Banya” subway station there is a direct way (no need to get out of the subway station), to the railway station, also called “Gorna Banya” from where you can take the train to Pernik. The travel is around an hour.

  • From Sofia Airport to Pernik by BUS From Sofia Airport to Pernik by BUS

    Take the M4 subway line near Terminal 2 at Sofia airport and get off on “Serdika” station. There take the M2 subway line in direction “Obelya” and get off on station “Centralna gara”. That is the station near Sofia’s Central Railway Station. Near the Central Railway Station you will find a bus station called “Serdika” (you will see the words Автогара Сердика on the building) from which you can take a bus to Pernik.

  • From Sofia Airport to Pernik by TAXI From Sofia Airport to Pernik by TAXI

    You can also travel to Pernik with taxi. This is the website of the taxi company that solely serves Sofia airport: