Best Short Fiction

Film 1 The Ghosts You Draw on My Back
Film 2 Aunque es de noche
Film 3 Every Day It Gets A Little Easier
Film 4 The Tuner of Silences
Film 5 Things Unheard Of

Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • The Ghosts you Draw on my Back

    Nikola Stojanović Serbia, Fiction, 14’00’’

    Teenage Sara travels to a small provincial town to attend the memorial service of her grandmother.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • Aunque es de noche

    Guillermo García López Spain, France, Fiction, 16’00’’

    La Cañada Real, Europe's largest slum on the outskirts of Madrid, has been without electricity for over a year. In the firelight, Toni, a 13 year-old boy, discovers that his best friend Nasser is leaving forever. Amongst Roma legends of a possible future, Toni looks for a way to stay connected to him.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • Every Day It Gets A Little Easier

    Cagil Bocut Turkey, Fiction, 20’00’’

    A teenage swimmer jeopardizes her chances of making the provincial team when she struggles to balance her rigorous training schedule with the demands of school, her relationship, and her family.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories
  • The Tuner of Silences

    Mário Patricínio Portugal, Brazil, Fiction, 21’00’’

    Mwanito only knows his father, brother, uncle and servant. He’s been told that the rest of the world is dead.

    FICTION / Teenage Stories