Best Short Fiction

Film 1 Wrecker
Film 2 Welcome Tahiya
Film 3 8th February
Film 4 Amanda, You Lied!
Film 5 A Good Boy

Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Wrecker

    Martina McGlynn Ireland, Fiction, 14’13’’

    Ireland 1849, a young girl grows suspicious about how her father has been providing for them as famine tears through their community.

  • Amanda, You Lied!

    Eva Libertad, Nuria Muñoz Spain, Fiction, 16‘17‘‘

    Amanda and Virgi are two inseparable friends, but nothing will ever be the same again, when one afternoon, a man crosses their path.

  • A Good Boy

    Paul Vincent de Lestrade France, Belgium, Fiction, 19’21’’

    During a training session, 16-year-old Maxime sees the police arrive to question his coach, who has been accused of sexual abuse by one of the club’s children. These accusations are going to crack the shell of silence he had been trying to build.