• Fantoomwijk

    Ravi Sandberg The Netherlands, Documentary, 14’20’’

    Fantoomwijk gives a voice to the residents, who reminisce about their own neighbourhood that was erased from the city. The film investigates how perceptions determine policy and the ensuing impact on those affected. 

  • Rule No. 5: Shadow Your Man Closely

    Miro Manojlović Croatia, Experimental, 9’59’’

    One shot from Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. train scene becomes the base for specific editing procedures through which the film narrative is reconstructed and a new plot is created.

  • Shitty Therapy

    Javier Polo Spain, Documentary, 10'00''

    In 2012, two biology students created fecomagnetism, a parody of pseudotherapies that claimed

    to cure all kinds of diseases by mixing poop with magnets,but shit gets out of hand. How long would it take for people to realize that it was all fake?

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