Lost in Helsinki

Lost in Helsinki

Best Short Student Documentary Sara Fazilat Antonia Lange Germany, Documentary, 28‘53‘‘

Actually we wanted to make a different film, but due to certain circumstances and a law change, we were not allowed to continue our journey and got stuck in Helsinki.  Sara was reminded of many similar situations in her life, where she got rejected and was not allowed certain things so we decided to sum up some examples and combine documentation and animation as an excerpt and sample which stands for so many BIPOC people and their experiences.

Lost in Helsinki
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 2
  • Language
  • Country Germany
  • Genre Documentary
  • Cinematographer Antonia Lange
  • Scriptwriter Antonia Lange, Sara Fazliat
  • Producer Sara Fazliat
  • Music Zeina Azouqa
  • Editor Antonia Lange, Sara Fazliat
  • Animation Maria Adriana Ventura
  • Year of creation 2024
  • Duration 28‘53‘‘
Sara Fazilat
Director Sara Fazilat

After graduating from high school in Bremen, Sara Fazilat  attended RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. After that she studied film production at the DFFB in Berlin and Columbia University in New York. 

In 2015, her film NICHT ZU FRÜH, NICHT ZU SPÄT (co-screenwriter) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and in 2017 she was selected for the BERLINALE TALENTS. Her film REVOLVO  won various awards in 2020 and was invited to Cannes. In the same year, the film JIYAN, which she also produced, received several awards in Germany, Austria, France. 

Sara has been on the board of Pro Quote Film, an association that  promotes equality for all genders and diversity in the film industry.

She also founded her own production company, 


Antonia Lange
Director Antonia Lange

Antonia Lange is a cinematographer born and based in Berlin. She has worked in the film industry since 2009 and studied cinematography at the GERMAN FILM & TELEVISION ACADEMY BERLIN. In 2015 she got a scholarship for the CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS in Los Angeles.

Her short films MERAL KIZIM, MILCH KAPUTT DREI PAPIER, WALDGEIST, JOHANN and GANZ WEIT WEG were shown at numerous festivals around the world. In 2020 the short film REVOLVO won several prizes, received the PRÄDIKAT BESONDERS WERTVOLL and got invited to CANNES by GERMAN FILMS. The feature film JESUS EGON CHRISTUS premiered at the 71.BERLINALE and was selected for the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM. Her next feature film COMEBACK, shot in 2021, is currently in post production.