Know Your Stones

Know Your Stones

Best Short Documentary Katarina Jazbec Germany, The Netherlands, Documentary, 21'00''

As we face climate change, young activists, steelworkers, and a geologist come together in a time-traveling space full of nightmares and aspirations. 

Know Your Stones
Film block: DOCUMENTARY / Mixed Perspectives
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Language
  • Country Germany, The Netherlands
  • Genre Documentary
  • Cinematographer Tom Otte
  • Scriptwriter Katarina Jazbec
  • Producer Urbane Künste Ruhr, Katarina Jazbec
  • Music Driftwood Audio - Giliam Spliethoff & Jorick Bronius
  • Editor Jesse Immanuel Bom, Katarina Jazbec
  • Cast Antje Selter, Michael Palka, Kenan Ramadani, Murat Sanli, Ali Pişman
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 21'00''
Katarina Jazbec
Director Katarina Jazbec

Katarina Jazbec, a visual artist working in film and photography, was born in 1991, in Slovenia, and has been living in Rotterdam since 2015. Her previous short film You Can’t Automate Me premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam in June 2021.
Her films have been shown at numerous festivals all around the world and at exhibition spaces such as TENT Rotterdam

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