Best Short Documentary

Film1 Coach Pancake

Film2 Shitty Therapy

Film3 Knin- Zadar

Film 4 Know Your Stones

Film 5 Newsreel 242 - Sunny Railway

Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Coach Pancake

    Gabriel Olson USA, Documentary, 6:00

    Former soccer star Andres, lovingly named “Coach Pancake” by his students, finds his calling training six-year-olds to find their superpowers on and off the field.

  • Shitty Therapy

    Javier Polo Spain, Documentary, 10'00''

    In 2012, two biology students created fecomagnetism, a parody of pseudotherapies that claimed

    to cure all kinds of diseases by mixing poop with magnets,but shit gets out of hand. How long would it take for people to realize that it was all fake?

  • Know Your Stones

    Katarina Jazbec Germany, The Netherlands, Documentary, 21'00''

    As we face climate change, young activists, steelworkers, and a geologist come together in a time-traveling space full of nightmares and aspirations.