Best Full-Length Film Gabriel Carrubba Australia, Fiction, 83'30''

Seventeen-year-old Leo leads a seemingly typical life. Drunken parties, lazy days spent with friends and making out with his girlfriend Monique. However, underneath his exterior, Leo has a secret. As he finds himself increasingly attracted to his best friend Boof, and the quiet introverted boy at school, Tom, Leo’s feelings force him to come to terms with his true desires. Faced with the fear of rejection from those closest to him, Leo must navigate the uncertain waters of acceptance and love.

Film block: FULL-LENGTH / Sunflower
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 2
  • Language
  • Country Australia
  • Genre Fiction
  • Cinematographer Martine Wolff
  • Scriptwriter Gabriel Carrubba
  • Producer Gabriel Carrubba, Zane Borg
  • Music Marlon Grunden
  • Editor Shannon Michaelas
  • Cast Liam Mollica, Luke J. Morgan, Olivia Fildes, Daniel Halmarick
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 83'30''
Gabriel Carrubba
Director Gabriel Carrubba

Hailing from Australia, Gabriel discovered his passion for film from a young age when he saw the film "Stand By Me" in a High School English class. After dropping out of High School at the age of seventeen, Gabriel decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. His debut feature film "Sunflower" gained acclaim following its participation in the Queer Screen Goes to Cannes program at the Marché du Film, along with premieres at the Sydney Film Festival and Melbourne International Film Festival. 

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