Reflections in a room

Reflections in a room

Best Full-Length Film Ceres Machado Spain, Fiction, 71'00''

Berta, a mature woman from the upper class, has been hiring the services of Alberto, a professional escort, for some time. One day, Alberto can't make it, so he sends another escort, Hugo, a much younger and inexperienced guy from his neighborhood. Berta distrusts Hugo and insists him to leave, but Hugo wants to finish the job because he needs the money. From this point, Berta and Hugo embark on an emotional journey where, despite their differences, mistrust, and prejudices, they discover they have more in common than they thought.

Reflections in a room
Film block: FULL-LENGTH / Reflections In a Room
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 2
  • Language
  • Country Spain
  • Genre Fiction
  • Cinematographer Javier Salmones
  • Scriptwriter Salva Martos
  • Producer Beatriz Bodegas, Ceres Machado, Dylan Moreno, Víctor Báez
  • Music Pablo Trujillo
  • Editor Irene Blecua
  • Cast Adriana Ozores, Alejandro Vergara, David Tortosa
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 71'00''
Ceres Machado
Director Ceres Machado

Ceres Machado was born in Melilla and moved to Malaga to study Audiovisual Communication at university. She has won more than 90 awards and 350 selections in festivals around the world. In the framework of the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, the prestigious Variety magazine highlighted her as one of the 10 film directors to keep an eye on. Her debut feature is “Reflections in a room”, starring Adriana Ozores.

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