Modern Masturbation Allegory

Modern Masturbation Allegory

Best Short Student Documentary Xinyi LI United Kingdom, Documentary, 23'57''

23-year-old Xinyi believed she had developed a masturbation addiction and claimed to be experiencing indescribable feelings. While struggling, she couldn't help but constantly fall into the cycle of indulgence and suffering. In a world where everyone is ashamed of sexual satisfaction, she embarked on a journey of collecting masturbation stories told by similar individuals.

This film featuring three girls in their early 20s, serving as a modern allegory that reflects the mental state of contemporary young people. When, where, tools, fetishes, fantasies—here, people tear away shame and taboos, revealing their most intimate masturbation experiences.


Modern Masturbation Allegory
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 2
  • Language
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Genre Documentary
  • Cinematographer Xinyi LI
  • Scriptwriter Xinyi LI
  • Producer Xinyi LI
  • Music Sicheng ZHAO
  • Editor Xinyi LI
  • Cast Xinyi LI
  • Animation Xinyi LI
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 23'57''
Xinyi LI
Director Xinyi LI

I grew up with music, painting, and literature, thinking I might have some artistic talent. As an adult I was forced by financial pressures to bounce between part-time waitress and barista. I love making coffee, but my dream is to make a living from cinema.

My current work focuses on topics such as sexuality, women, and the individual's relationship with the world. I am very sensitive to "sight" and always try to achieve a relative balance between me and my subjects. Sexuality is very important to me, it is my primal desire, my illness, a point of reference for others to stare at me, but also a source of support. I care deeply about both the bitter and the sweet around sex and intimacy, and I think it's something that deserves and needs to be discussed.