End of Trip Sahara

End of Trip Sahara

Best Full-Length Film Antonio R. Cabal Spain, Fiction, 128’48’’


In the 70s, groups of young Europeans ventured into the Sahara Desert with the intention of crossing it and experiencing an adventure. Ill-prepared, reckless, and ignorant of the terrain they were traversing, they faced life-threatening situations with unexpected consequences. 


From the passion of these young people for adventure, the world’s most famous rally was born. «End of Trip Sahara» tells one of these adventures.

End of Trip Sahara
Film block: FULL-LENGTH / End of Trip - Sahara
Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 1
  • Language
  • Country Spain
  • Genre Fiction
  • Cinematographer Javier Salmones
  • Scriptwriter Antonio R. Cabal
  • Producer María R. Palao – Antonio R. Cabal – Acheloo Films S.L.
  • Music Carlos Vissiello Pilisi
  • Editor Eduardo Biurrúm / Antonio R. Cabal
  • Cast Antonio Junco – Maru Valdivielso – Enrique Simón
  • Year of creation 2023
  • Duration 128’48’’
Antonio R. Cabal
Director Antonio R. Cabal

With degrees in Geography and History of Art from Complutense University, my passion for photography began with a trip to Gabon in 1973, leading to founding an advertising studio and studying Image and Sound. I entered the film industry in the early '80s, worked on notable films, and directed "Sahara" in 1983, the first Spanish film sold to China. After further studies, I focused on scriptwriting and recently launched "End of Trip Sahara". I'm a member of several cinema organizations, dedicated to enriching Spanish cinema. 

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