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This Cookie Policy contains terms and conditions under which personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data") is processed by automatic means and digital tracking technologies used by our Website – (hereinafter "Website "), as it is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of our Website. Please read both documents carefully as they represent important information regarding the processing of personal data and the legal rights of customers under the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information about us, please read our Terms & Conditions.
Personal data collected through the use of cookies may only be collected to facilitate the user's use of the services. This data is encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing it. Cookies do not require identifying information to be used and most often do not identify Internet users.
Cookies are small text files (packages of information) that are sent to your browser, saved on your computer and/or other device, and are used to identify the user and/or device. To collect information, on a first or subsequent visit to our Website, such as how a User prefers to use our Website, allowing us to improve its structure and content without identifying the User; collecting information for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize your navigation, remembering your preferences (e.g. remembering the language you set so that we can recognize you on your next visit, etc.). Cookies are usually associated with several categories depending on their functionality and their purpose. Cookies do a lot of different jobs, such as letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving the user experience. They can also help to ensure that the advertisements you see online are more relevant to you and your interests. In addition, cookies can help us to analyze the use of our Website and online content (analytics cookies), they can also facilitate/track the interaction on our Website, and online content with social media (e.g. links to social media sites, like buttons, etc.)
Cookies managed by us only are called “first party cookies” whereas cookies from third parties are called “third party cookies” as explained below.
3.1. Types of Cookies, depending on whether they are necessary for the normal functioning of the Website.
1.     Necessary Cookies - These cookies provide basic Website functionality, such as allowing the user to navigate back and forth between pages without losing their previous actions from the same session. Website owners are not required to obtain user consent to set strictly necessary cookies, as without them the site cannot perform basic functions. Mandatory cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
2.     Functionality cookies - These cookies to provide improved functionalities of the Website. They can be set by the owners of the Websites or by third parties whose services are added to the pages. If you do not allow these cookies, some of the relevant services such as filling out forms, uploading files and displaying maps may not be performed correctly or may not be possible at all. The information these cookies collect is anonymized and they cannot track your activity while browsing other Websites. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all services may not function properly. These cookies allow a site to remember choices you make (such as your username, language or the region you are in) and provide more enhanced, personal features.
3.     Performance cookies - Performance cookies are generally third-party cookies from vendors we work with or who work on our behalf that collect information about your visit and use of our Website, for instance which pages you visit the most often, and if you get error messages from web pages. These cookies don't collect information that identifies a visitor. All information these cookies collect is anonymous and is only used to improve how the Website works. Third party vendors may have access to this data and may use it to improve their overall services and offerings.
4.    Advertising and social media cookies - Advertising and social media cookies (including web beacons and other tracking and storage technologies) are used to (1) deliver advertisements more relevant to you and your interests; (2) limit the number of times you see an advertisement; (3) help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign; (4) retargeting to our Website/information and (5) understand people’s behavior after they view an advertisement. They are usually placed on behalf of advertising networks with the site operator’s permission. They remember that you have visited a site and quite often they will be linked to site functionality provided by the other organization. This may impact the content and messages you see on other websites you visit.
3.2. Types of cookies, depending on the time they are stored on the user's device.
1.     Session cookies - Cookies placed during your stay on the Website (session). They are deleted when the session is terminated.
2.     Persistent cookies - They remain on the user's device for a certain period of time or permanently.
3.3. Cookies from the Website owner or from a third party, depending on their origin.
1.     First Party Cookie - Cookies placed directly by the owner of the Website. These cookies allow us to employ data analytics so we can measure and improve the performance of our site and provide more relevant content to you. These cookies don't collect information that identifies a visitor down to an individual level that is available to us. These cookies are not passing personally identifiable information to any external third party other than in limited cases when we engage a service provider to act on our behalf but who is then unable to use the data for their own purposes.
2.     Third Party Cookies - Cookies placed by third parties, usually with the consent of the Website owner.
We use all of the above cookies on our Website, as they are necessary for its functioning and cannot be turned off in our systems. Without these, we would not be able to provide certain services or features that you have requested, and our Website would not work as smoothly and efficiently for you as we would like.
The information is stored only until the user terminates his user session on our Website. After unsubscribing by pressing the "Logout" button, mandatory cookies, functional cookies and session cookies, as well as the information stored in them, are deleted, except as expressly stated.
When you visit our Website, you will be notified of the use of cookies by a pop-up message window. By ticking "I accept cookies" or "I agree with cookies", you declare that you are aware of and agree to our use of all cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.
You can disable the use of cookies by this Website at any time through the appropriate settings of your browser. Further information on the procedure for deactivating cookies is available on the Website of your internet browser provider via the relevant help screen.
To be able to control the cookies used on our Website, you need to set your browser. How to do this depends on the browser you are using and its setting, as follows:
1.     For Chrome, click here
2.     For Firefox, click here
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To learn more about cookies, we recommend visiting:,  or 
Through the method indicated above, you can control and/or delete cookies whenever you wish. You can delete any cookies already stored on your computer, and you can also set most browsers to block them in the future.
However, this may require you to adjust manually some settings each time you visit a Website, and some services and features may not work, including the inability to load our own Website.
To set third-party cookies, you can use this Website:
You can adjust your cookie settings through our cookie consent manager. If you want to remove existing cookies from your device, you can do this using your browser options. If you want to block future cookies being placed on your device you can use our cookie consent manager.
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us through our contact form available on the Website.
Applications for accessing web pages (web or mobile browsers) allow the storage of cookies by default. These settings can be changed so that the automatic management of cookies is blocked by the web browser or the user is informed each time cookies are sent to his device. Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of managing cookies can be found in the Website (or web browser) settings. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the Website's functions.
Cookies are NOT viruses! They take the form of plain text. They are not composed of code, so they cannot be executed and cannot be executed by themselves. Therefore, they cannot be duplicated or copied to other networks to be run or copied afresh. Since cookies cannot perform these functions, they cannot be considered viruses.
Usually, browsers have built-in privacy settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, validity period and automatic deletion after the User has visited a Website.
Cookies cannot harm your files and/or increase the risk of viruses in your computer!
Customize your browser's cookie settings to create an appropriate level of protection against the use of cookies.
If you are the only person using the computer, you can set longer periods for the storage of browsing history and access to personal data.
If you share access to your computer with someone, you can set the browser to delete personal browsing data every time you close the browser.
Make sure your browser is always up to date. Many of the cookie-based attacks are implemented by exploiting the weak points of old and outdated versions of browsers. Cookies are everywhere and cannot be avoided if you want to enjoy access to the best and biggest websites.