Best Short Student Fiction

Film 1 No Power for Nobody
Film 2 In the End We're All Music
Film 3 Valve
Film 4 Catching Birds
Film 5 Roaldies
Film 6 Crust

Palace of Culture Pernik, Hall 2
  • Catching Birds

    Simon Maria Kubiena, Lea Marie Lembke Germany, France, Austria, Fiction, 18’52’’

    The boundaries between friendship and desire blur in a male-dominated environment. The physical closeness of two friends is called into question by their first sexual impulses.

  • Crust

    Jens Kevin Georg Germany, Fiction, 25’59’’

    In this family you can only become a true member by getting your first scar. But 12-year-old Fabi is still woundless. On grandpa's farm, he has to finally prove himself as one of them. Fabi's father knows that the boy now has to go through with it - as they all had to. And Fabi really wants to belong. But in the end, how much will be left of him (and his skin)?

  • In the End We’re All Music

    Katharina Schnekenbühl Germany, Fiction, 12’42’’

    A day in a swimming hall, where the stories of three women of different generations coincide on the search for what being strong really means.