MUSIC PALACE FEST is a parallel to the Film Festival event. Running annually, the programme consists of number of live concerts and performances and DJ parties, thus creating peculiar artistic platform for direct communication and interdisciplinary work amongst different artists in the field of music, audio-visual and film arts.

Some of the artists presented by IN THE PALACE you can check below.


MUSIC PALACE FEST е паралелно на филмовия фестивал събитие. Инициативата се провежда ежегодно и програмата се състои от множество концерти, изпълнения на живо и DJ партита, като по този начин създава своеобразна художествена платформа за директна комуникация и интердисциплинарна работа сред различни артисти в областта на музикалното, аудиовизуалното и филмовото изкуство.

Някои от артистите, представяни от IN THE PALACE  в рамките на фестивала, можете да видите отдолу.


Akaga is one of the most popular Bulgarian bands formed by a group of National Music Academy students in 1992. The musicians in the band are considered to be the founders of the modern Bulgarian sound. Akaga have released 5 studio albums, the last one of which is called “Akaga on Twenty”. The band has been a musical host for a variety of TV shows like Music Idol, The Magnificent Six, Dancing Stars and Music Academy. Their latest track “Rockabilly Star” was recently released as a modern glimpse to the 60’s rockabilly style. Akaga are almost ready with their newest project featuring the multiple Best Male R’n’B Artist award winning vocalist – Lexus. The track is called “100% Funk” and will be promoted at Sofia Live Club – one of the largest live music clubs in Bulgaria – on March 27-th this year.

Akaga are the first small band, apart from the widely known big bands, to use a brass section as a main component in their music. Throughout their first years Akaga work mainly in Bulgaria. They release 2 albums (“Why” and “When You See”) and gradually their popularity grows. The way to the top continues as the band blows up abroad at the open-air Montreux Jazz Festivals in 1998 and 1999. Akaga releases their 4th album called “9” in 2000, which was followed by many changes in the band’s structure. For a few years, the band’s priority is performing live, mainly in Scandinavian countries. In 2007 the Akaga’s members are Krassi Kourtev (lead singer, bass), Georgi Velev (trumpet), Ivo Kazasov (trumpet), Krasi Kirilov – Jojo (trombone), Kalin Petrov (keyboards), Petur Glavanov ( guitar), and Dimitur Dimitrov – Dundey (drums). In this formation, Akaga return to Bulgaria and decide to do a concert in the National Palace of Culture’s main hall. The audience accepts them with a great warmth and this becomes a reason for the band to return to Bulgaria and settle there. Over the last 2 years, Akaga recorded three successful singles. The band signs with the Monte Music company and now works on feature projects with popular Bulgarian artists such as Grafa, Dicho, Toma and Spens. In spite of their studio projects, Akaga continue touring all over Bulgaria and Europe.
In 2014 they release their newest single with Lexus, called “100% FUNK”.


Apo&Nevena is an incarnation of style and contrasting mix of sounds. Their artistic styles cross in 2003 when the two take part in the rock band “Utopia” (“Утопия”). A huge plus to the band appears to be the long experience of Apo as a drummer. His presence on the stage at the drums makes the performance of Apo&Nevena fresh and active. Nevena is the one behind the lyrics and vocal. They are characterized with a strong emotionality, cross-cutting ideas and thoughts that often give a reason for the listeners to cross the border of trivial topics and to plunge in the deep and pure human feelings.


The artistic alternative band from the capital of the notorious Bulgaria. They have toured the Eastern Europe (Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia and others) as well as been supporting Stereo MC's, Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground and others. Their album “Romantica” won a record number of nominations for musical awards from radio and television shows in Bulgaria and was supported by energetic and captivating live performances.


Four years have past since the debut album "Genetik Gift" and Beat Dis has now released "Keep Still". The Band who originates from Szombathely in Hungary, could be classified as a trip-ho/rock/hip-hop formation. While touring Hungary they have supported dZihan & Kamien, DJ Vadim and Little Axe, they proved to audiences that they are definitely capable of bringing the magnificently mixed and greatly collected standard of the "Genetik Gift" album to the stage.
The group's instrumentation has been compared to that of The Roots, their vocals to Morcheeba, singer/composer Tamas Csigo to Tricky and the overall sound to that of Massive Attack. In truth, however, these comparisons barely scratch the surface, as can be heard on new album ‘Keep Still!'
Two tracks from ‘Keep Still!' - "Just Like" and "Criminal" - were included on a Beck's beer/Chameleon Records promotional compilation of which 90.000 copies were distributed, while "Just Like" was one of the first videos played on Hungarian MTV and reached no.1 in the national MTV and radio charts.


A fun and revolutionary music band from Spain? BGKO - Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra is an international ensemble based in Barcelona with a particular style that comes from klezmer, jazz and romani music. BGKO has also been inspired by the eclectic music scene from Barcelona and from Latin-American melodies. Eastern Europe is represented in their music mixed with the metropolitan spirit that only a city like Barcelona can bring.

'Imbarca' (which means 'Embarkation' in Romanian) its BGKO first album. A musical work containing both original compositions of the band as versions of popular classics. The album has a 'live' spirit that make the band "feel like home" when they are on the stage.

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra has been thrilling audiences all over Europe with their vibrant show of traditional and popular music from Eastern Europe. 


Blues is a teacher. Punk is a preacher. Everything is emotions and energy, experience and talent, soul and intellect. Exciting things are happening when these things clash. Bob and Lisa have founded BellRays on 1991. They want you to listen to music and feel good. So they took everything they knew about it; about The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Who, about Ramones, Billie Holiday, Lou Rawls, Hank Williams, Jimmy Reed, Led Zeppelin, not to name too little and pushed it into action.


The band Bliks was founded in Kragujevac, in September 2009 in cooperation with many local musicians with different music influences. In their promo album "The Beats" dominating are the acoustic instruments - double-bass, guitar, Udu drum combined with female and male vocals. The band is inspired with different musical directions: Blues, Slow Jazz, Drum & Bass, Etno etc. Their promo material was recorded at "Wild Cat" studio in Kragujevac. The band has no fixed formation. Milos Petrovic, as music and lyrics author, and Tijana Radojevic, as lead vocal, are the framework of Bliks and other members vary from time to time. At the moment, Bliks are: Milos Petrovic (bass, acoustic guitar); Tijana Radojevic (lead vocal); Aca Pejcic (piano, keyboard); Sasa Rankovic (drums, percussions).


Bluba Lu (Dimitar Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski) are one of the most innovative and profiled Bulgarian formations in the new millennium. Being pioneers of the Bulgarian “underground movement” and “culprits” of the life’s infusion with the modern Bulgarian music, they have released four albums: Bluba Lu in Wonderland” in 2001, “MOOGaMOOD” in 2002, “Re:Verb” in 2004 and their last album - “World Melancholy” in 2007.


CONTRADICTA at IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival

Anticapitalistic, socially committed, with left-wing orientation, the urban rock and roll band from Kragujevac is formed in 2006. Their music is combined by different genres - hardcore, hip-hop, blues, funk. Through the sound and lyrics of their songs, Contradicta and its members are striving to present the spirit of the serbian young people,the rights of every single person, who is trying to find piece in this heavy paced and foreign world, in which everybody lives in and to fight against the biggest corporations, who are earning money no matter how. The revolution is not going to be shown on televisions, it starts from the smallest streets. The band's members are Marko Jovanovich (drums), Stanko Milachich (bass), Darko Batich Djordjevich (guitar), Bogdan Tsvetkovich (vocal). At the time the band is recording their first album.


Maestro Milcho Leviev called Darinka Tzekova "one of the most original events in Bulgarian music", her talent he compares with that of musicians such as Ivo Papazov, Theodosii Spassov and Yildiz Ibrahimova. Darinka acquired a reputation as a soloist of the Ensemble "Philip Kutev" and most successful Bulgarian ethno-fusion band Bulgara. During the recent years she had featuring performances with Milcho Leviev, Peter Ralchev, Theodosii Spasov, Peter Erskine, Yotis Kiortsoglu, Vicky Almazidu, Vlatko Stefanovski, sang as a partner of the German star Xavier Nayduu in Seine Strassen Tour and recorded together with Hubert von Goyzeren, Zap Mama and the American group Queen Ester. The project, which will be presented at the festival in Balchik is called "Sharena salt" and combines ethno funk and rock in an inimitable way. She plays along with the folowing performers:

Borislav Rashkov – bass Strahil Gaydarski – guitar George Bakardzhiev – drums Petyo Kostadinov - bagpipes


Diana Miro is the new name of previously well known Hvoya. She got her first musical lessons at the age of 3 years old when her parents (professional pianists) began to foster love for the music in their child. After having gotten classical music education, Hvoya started her independent electronic career in 2007. As a result of her creative work, an unusual mix of a vibrant feminine vocal, refined dm-beats and romantic acoustic melodies has appeared. During the last two years Hvoya has got on well in recording collab album with Ukrainian chill-out project Zymosis (released on Sunline Rec, USA), producing several tracks with Jukeen in Slovenia and Portuguese project Hexagon Heaven (Francisco Godikinho), taking part in several big events (including International Firework Festival 2008). In February, 2009, Hvoya released her first solo album Flower. A debut "plate" was released on I, Absentee experimental music label in the USA.


At the end of the same year they departed to London together with the drummer Roko. There they signed a contract with an indie label Only Lovers Left Alive, founded by Marko Pironi – the legendary guitarist of Adam and the Ants and one of the main figures of the first punk wave in Britain during the second half of the 70ties. The band spent five years in London where they were a support of one of the tours of Placebo in Britain.


Irfan is a Bulgarian Ethereal wave, World and Medieval band. The music of Irfan has invited for a mythical journey in and beyond time, a message presented in a poetic way in the language of the heart. The music of Irfan is greatly influenced by the spiritual and folk music of Bulgaria, the Balkans, Persia, Caucasus, the Middle East and the Northern Africa as well as the spiritual heritage of Byzantium and the Europe in Middle Ages in order to construct their unique style. The musicians play on traditional (Bulgarian, Balkan, oriental, Persian and Indian) instruments and the ones of Middle Ages as well as use the vocal techniques of the same region, intertwined in a delicate, atmospheric electronic sound.


Jazz Boudoir is an intimate relationship in which love, charm and glamour come together to review, with a jazz feeling, with eternal standards of French chanson. From Patricia Kaas to Josephine Becker, Serge Gainsbourg to Boris Vian, from Edith Piaf to Joe Dassin, passing through Dalida, it's a bunch of immortal songs that you represent Vera Shand and Angel Zaberski.

He - one of the best Bulgarian jazz pianists.

She - one of the famous trio Sentimental Swingers.


In the band "Karandila Junior" are playing gypsy children and most of them are the inheritors of the musicians of the huge orchestra, called "Karandila". The junior orchestra consists of 14 children, who are aged between 10 and 18. They play together from the beginning of the last year, but have already been getting their big pieces of success. Their first foreign performance takes place in Vienna in April. Then the Municipality of Sliven finances the orchestra band's travelling to Austria. The children take part in the festival of Balcanic Music and they play a whole concert in the Vienna Ost Club. After that they go touring in Germany and Hungary. The stage costumes of the orchestra players are made according to a special design project. The reportoire of the young people is already hour and a half. Their leader is Angel Tichaliev.


Kottarashky aka Nikola Gruev opened the door to hitherto undiscovered spaces of Balkan music with his first album "Opa Hey!" in 2009. His approach of using a collection of sounds taken from authentic field recordings is quite similar to artists like Amon Tobin, the only difference being that Gruev found and recorded his sources in the Bulgarian countryside. Combining these, he initiated a tribal digital dance music that went far beyond either the mash up culture of contemporary global producers or the art collages of modern sound architects. He simply amazed with compositions that are extremely complexly woven, yet at the same time catchy, and full of joy or melancholy. At the time however, Kottarashky was unknown, even within his local scene in Bulgaria. It was all the more unbelievable that this dude, who was actually a full-time architect, was producing outstanding tunes and unique rhythms such as these in his back office that were completely unconnected with any popular scenes.


LEEPRA DeLUXE is a band that managed to become a true phenomenon in the Bulgarian underground scene. The band is strongly influenced by various musical genres, such as Surf, Garage-Beat, Trash Punk and Industrial, mixed with an electronic sound. Due to the combination of the genres, their style is hard to specify with the known terminology. LEEPRA DeLUXE is founded in 2000 as a side project of Boby Strukanski (bass guitarist of one of the most popular Bulgarian bands in the 90’s – Baby Face Clan), Kosyu (Bluba Lu) on drums, Bebo (Urban Grey) on vocals and guitar.


Marco Mendoza comes from a very musical family and started playing the guitar at an early age.

Marco is perhaps mostly known for his work with a number of rock bands and artists such as Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Whitesnake ,Ted Nugent, Neal Schon and Soul SirkUS, Lynch Mob, as well as diverse artists such as Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. He is currently touring with The Dead Daisies.

Marco lives in Los Angeles and when he's not touring he can often be found playing local jazz clubs with Joey Heredia and Renato Neto and other great musicians.

The new album of Marco Mendoza will be presented in Rock' n' Rolla with his band on 6th March.


A musical journey from France to Portugal. Lisbon was the city that saw their first performances in the streets and their progressive growth as a band. Different backgrounds that make their sound fresh and new. Their history fascinated directors Naima Le Cesne&Ines Alves, who decided to make a short film about their lives expending a day with them, 'Fish&Chips' is one of the short films that will take part in the official selection of the 13 In The Palace International Short Film Festival.


Panican Whyasker successfully mixes Rock / Alternative / Indie and during the past years they have become a very popular and loved band with a large amount of appearances in clubs and various festivals all over Bulgaria. Their first album R’N’R Coma (2000) is awarded for “The Best Debut” from the annual music awards of television channel MM. Their second album Digital Zombie (2001) won an award as “The Best Rock Album” again at the channel MM. In 2005, Eastern European Monkeys was released and despite being recorded only in English, it won the award of “The Best Rock Album” once more.


An alternative pop/rock band from Bulgaria that strikes the Bulgarian music scene with innovative songs in respect of both music and lyrics. PIF (“П.И.Ф.”) also stands out with unbelievable live performances, combining passion for improvisation with the artistic talent of Dimo’s vocal, altogether creating an incredible feeling for their fans. In December 2005 they successfully toured Europe, including live shows in Germany and France. Their first album “P.I.F.” has been declared the “Album Of The Year” in the Annual Musical Awards in 2001. Another success of the band are four more nominations for music awards of the radio “Tantra” (“Тангра”) as well as a nomination for the music awards of the television channel “Forte” (“Форте”).


Nobody really knows who are Pistamashina exactly. Speculations are flooding the fans with sources of information, yet despite the diverse theories the information remains unclear. In general, the theories and rumor revolve around several possible versions:
1. Pistamashina is a band of alien agents in disguise that work for an unknown civilization.
2. Pistamashina is an experiment of a secret international organization with the support of governments of the most developed industrial countries in the world.


The first CD of the band “Sinus” was released on 2002. During 2004 they developed a certain style with their new album “Transistor”, which was impossible to find in Hungary those days – experimental rock. The band presented the album with a live tour in Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Italy and Romania. A unique visual spectacle makes their concerts worth to remember. During the autumn 2007, their third album “Microtron” was released. Pozvakowski are nominated for “Hangsúly Metal Award 2007” in two categories (the live performance of the year and the album of the year).


Well known due to their specific electro-acoustic sound, R.O.B.T.F. (Robot Orbital Base Techno Factory) is one of the most recognizable bands on the Bulgarian musical scene. Their style cannot be easily defined, but most often it is connected to drum n bass, breakbeat, jungle and elements of ghoa. The band is an innovator in the development of electronic music, including LIVE instruments such as drums, keyboards, guitars and vocals.


Root Souljah is the first Bulgarian reggae band. The artists define the style as reggae with an influence of hip-hop and dub music and don’t hide their fascination with the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica, the idol of which is Bob Marley. The core of the band was formed at the end of 2005 in Sofia. Four songs were written at the beginning, and later the core of three was accompanied by the Deazee Crew.


Born into a volatile world of corruption and hardship in post-Communist Eastern Europe, she endured a difficult childhood largely spent without her mother, found salvation in the classics (Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole) and became ‘tour-hardened’ by jaunts to far-flung destinations such as India and Thailand in the company of her Olympian father (a weightlifting coach). From there, Koleva quickly developed into a rounded musician, spending an eye-opening year at the Hollywood Pop Academy and embarking on free-spirited excursions into several local scenes including soul, hip hop and the more ephemeral but nonetheless popular bass movement. All this before the age of 18.

Her debut album, RUTH, featured a diverse array of talent – including keyboardist Vincent Helbers (Seravince, Flowriders) and drummer Richard Spaven (Jose James, Guru, Flying Lotus) – and scooped the top prize at the BG Radio Awards in 2014. Hit-making producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen) called it “amazing” and radio DJs such as Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music) were lining up to spread the word. She was also named Best Female Vocalist at the Jazz Ain’t Jazz Awards in Japan, beating the likes of Coco from Quadron. A remix project featuring Mark De Clive-Lowe, Kaidi Tatham, Opolopo and Maddslinky (aka Zed Bias) will follow.


Saskia Laroo, hailed by American public and press at large as "Lady Miles of Europe", is one of the few women trumpet stylists, blowing for more than three decades. Born July 31, 1959 in Amsterdam, she began on trumpet at age 8, never dreaming of becoming a professional musician. That all changed when Saskia, turned 18, after briefly majoring in Mathematics at University of Amsterdam switched her focus to a career in music. She worked extensively in various groups from this point, primarily on upright bass, though eventually, on both bass and trumpet. Saskia Laroo combines today's music by uncontrived romps into new styles, eagerly limned as "nu jazz" or "swingin' body-music" - a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae, and world, that many other artists dare not venture. Her artistry and her groove ring vibrantly and free on her four albums journeying us through the music she has absorbed and plays from heart and soul.


Sylvie Vartan at IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival

Sylvie Vartan is a Bulgarian-French singer and actress. She is known as one of the most productive and tough-sounding yé-yé artists. Her performances often featured elaborate show-dance choreography, and she made many appearances on French and Italian TV. Yearly shows with then-husband Johnny Hallyday attracted full houses at the Olympia and the Palais des congrès de Paris throughout the 1960s and mid-1970s. In 2004, after a break in performances, she began recording and giving concerts of jazz ballads in francophone countries.


Surmata Harry's Coptor Mix is a project derived from the band Shkoda (Шкода), which was a hit for melomans at the beginning of the decade. Shkoda made an exclusive reunion in the December of 2008, when they made a joint concert with the titans Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. The high interest provoked in the audience fully reaffirms the position of the musicians as one of the most preferred live bands in Bulgaria.


The Bedlam Club is an international instrumental cinematic punk jazz band created in Sofia, Bulgaria on the day of the Apocalypse, the 22nd of December 2012.

Its first iteration was called Ghostnote, it was composed by Tavis Preston (Scotland) on double bass and Samuel Pocreau (France) on keys and clarinet. Both already had played together in another Sofia-based band, Mad Maria.

During summer 2013, the duo was joined by Dmitry Yagodin on drums (Kaka Siara, Reactija, Jezzve); still under the name Ghostnote, the band played their first concert as a trio at the Nishto Podobno festival.

In October 2013, the last member, percussionist Georgi Popov (Bulgaria), joined the ensemble; the last concert as Ghostnote was played at Maze, for the Alarma punk Jazz Fest. The Bedlam Club was officially born.

The name itself means “contained madness”; could be described as a punk band playing retro movie music with a Jazz flair.

Genre: Cinematic Electro Punk Jazz

Band Members: Samuel Pocreau (France) - Keyboard & Clarinet Tavis Preston (Scotland) - Double bass Dmitry Yagodin (Russia) - Drums Georgi Popov (Bulgaria) – Percussions


His style is a unique mixture of folk and jazz. We know him as a virtuosic performer of flute who can play all the folkloric melodies. His performances are a synthesis between traditional folk, jazz and classical music. He is well known for his original ideas for the implementation of which he gathers musicians of various genres. In a project with Heavenly Strings, he collects nuances of European classical music and traditional Balkan songs all mixed up with the innovatory spirit of jazz.




Tri O Five is a Bulgarian band that enjoys a wide popularity in their live shows. The band members are: Ilin Grivishki-DJ Ilko, Desislav Ivanov – Deso, Antoniy Rikev-Ya Tony and Michael Fleming. Their music can be emotional, specified as “funky, groovy and sexy rhythm”. The final mix contains traces of various musical backgrounds and accumulated experience throughout the years, a fusion of house, funk, jazz and soul.