Bulgaria , 2021, 15'46''
Director: Kiril Todorov
Producer: Irina Gurova
Writer: Kiril Todorov

Synopsis: Victor dedicated his life to becoming a doctor led by the feeling of guilt that he had caused his brother’s physical disabilities. Years after, Victor’s dream to help him recover is about to come true. But before he picks up the lancet and enters the operating room, he needs to go through a surreal dream and start by healing himself of his fear.

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Director: Kiril Todorov
Kiril Todorov was born in 1989 in Burgas, Bulgaria. At first he studied Indology in Sofia University. During that time, driven by his interest in filmmaking, he created a short movie – “Imagining Devdas” – a project sponsored by the Indian embassy. After that Kiril decided to study directing in New Bulgarian University. He has shot several short movies, many of them with awards and nominations in festivals around the world, and last of them - "The Architect" was sponsored by the National film fund of Bulgaria. He is deeply inspired by the surrealism and loves to experiment in his videos. Kiril currently lives in Czech Republic. He also worked as a VFX artist in studio UPP in Prague. As such he has worked on movies like Wonder Woman, Allied, Terminator: Dark Fate and others. Currently he is in a process to found a production company Voesoli that concentrates in filming music videos.

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