Bulgaria , 2020, 28'18''
Director: Sotir Gelev
Producer: Penko Gelev
Writer: Sotir Gelev
Composer: Roumen Boyadjieff – junior
Editor: Blagoi Dimitrov, Sotir Gelev

Synopsis: The action takes place in 1943 in Sofia during the bombing. Hristo is an artist trying to overcome his despair. In his studio, he meets a ghost - the spirit of Lazar. He tells his story related to this studio. Disabled from the previous war, Lazar worked as a model for Professor Pospeshil. He falls in love with one of his students - Laura. The fates of Lazarus, Laura, and the professor intertwine in an unusual way. Finally, the spirit begs Christ to paint it to return to the afterlife. This strange encounter makes Hristo look at the world in a new way.

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Director: Sotir Gelev
Sotir Gelev was born in Asenovgrad in 1960. In 1982 he makes animated film "The Chicken" which participate in Berlinale 1984 and the same year won a "Golden Dove" in Leipzig. Sotir is an artist and writer of comics, TV and film director and producer. He wrote scripts of hundred episodes of the TV series "Fairy tales about Physics and Astronomy" and of several fiction and animated films. He is an author of the books "Casual Conversation", "Elijah, August and Gergin" and the poetry books "Afternoon Meatball" and “Lullabies for fairies and monsters“. Lives and works in Sofia.

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