United Kingdom , 2020, 11'14''
Director: Noel Chojnacki
Producer: Noel Chojnacki
Cinematographer: Kristupas Zmejauskas
Editor: Charles Innes

Synopsis: The psychological horror thriller Pyskador is set in a dilapidated caravan and a small fishing boat on Cornwall´s coast. It follows an incident in the life of a rugged and heavily alcoholic fisherman in which he kills his wife. Plagued by the crime and by a vast amount of Vodka his perception of reality and time soon blurs into a state of horrific irreality out of which it seems there is no escape. Trapped in this trauma he is forced to re-live the day after day.

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Director: Noel Chojnacki
Noel has graduated at Falmouth University in 2020 an is originally from Germany. His passion for storytelling and politics, and the fact that film as a medium offers the opportunity to reach people all over the world inspired him to become a filmmaker, specializing in directing and screenwriting.

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