Czech Republic , 2020, 15'30''
Director: Apoorva Satish
Producer: Michal Sikora, Apoorva Satish
Writer: Apoorva Satish, Vidhya Iyer
Editor: Lucie Hecht

Synopsis: A coming-of-age drama about an adolescent girl growing up between the values of occidental and traditional culture, whose aspirations of becoming a competitive swimmer takes an unexpected turn when she gets her first period.

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Director: Apoorva Satish
Apoorva Satish is coming from Chennai, India. She travelled to countries like Sri Lanka, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Czech Rep, UK and USA to work as a filmmaker. In 2016, she was one of the 20 young filmmakers selected to attend the International Filmmaking Academy in Bologna under the tutorship of award-winning directors Danis Tanovic and Claudia Llosa.

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