Germany , 2020, 18'41''
Director: Alessandro Rovere
Producer: Alessandro Rovere
Cinematographer: Alessandro Rovere
Editor: Alessandro Rovere

Synopsis: "From North to South" tells the stories of small island states from the North Sea to the South Pacific that are among the lowest producers of CO2 yet are the ones most affected by climate change and rising sea levels. Three destinations that share the same longitude, the same threat and the same will to exist.

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Director: Alessandro Rovere
Alessandro Rovere was born 1984 in Duesseldorf, Germany. He worked in the advertising industry for several years as an audiovisual media designer. Ten years ago he started working free as a Director, Editor and DoP and went to the Free University Berlin to study film studies and intensified his photography skills at the famous Ostkreuz- schule, Berlin. His work has been internationally published and awarded. He is currently living with his family in Berlin and has a young daughter.

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