United Kingdom , 2021, 10'56''
Director: Maria Pawlikowska
Producer: Nick Hayes, Binn Jakupi
Cinematographer: Oliver Ford
Writer: Maria Pawlikowska
Composer: Henrik Lindström
Editor: James Gunn

Synopsis: Eternal life is getting harder for the undead Tina, who subsists on the transfer of energies accessed during the male orgasm. When her partner-in-crime gives in to suicidal ennui, Tina is left alone to protect her species from extinction.

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Director: Maria Pawlikowska
Maria has written and directed two other short films - Kitty (2020), a mystery romance set in 1960s London, that recently screened at Encounters Film Festival in the UK and Tallin Black Nights in Estonia. She's currently in post-production on a new short, So Far So Good - a crime drama about a Bulgarian girl in London who's hired to honeytrap a juror during a trial, but finds herself falling for her target. She is also developing her first feature with Brightstar Film and TV, and writing a thriller TV series for the UK company Playground Entertainment.

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