Canada , 2021, 20'31''
Director: Peter Venne
Producer: Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin Gagnon
Cinematographer: François Messier-Rheault
Composer: Sebastien Arribas, Peter Venne, Maxime Carpentier
Editor: Sophie Farkas-Bolla

Synopsis: Seb, mariachi musician by night and guitar teacher by day, is by all accounts a failed artist. Like a ghost wandering through his own life, Seb follows outside expectations and comically drifts further away from his dream of becoming a songwriter. A chance friendship with a budding musician and self- proclaimed 'sabotage' artist inspires him to reflect on his life and confront his fears.

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Director: Peter Venne
Peter Venne is a Quebec filmmaker living in Montreal. After working for the past decade as a film composer for such directors as Meryam Joobeur, Matthew Rankin and Rémi St-Michel, he wrote and directed his debut short The Music Lesson about a failed musician torn between outside expectations and his own aspirations as an artist.

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