Canada , 2020, 10'15''
Director: Simon Madore
Producer: Simon Madore
Cinematographer: Robert Mentov
Writer: Paul Ruban, Simon Madore
Editor: Yerffoj

Synopsis: A washed-up misfit by the name of Peete moves temporarily into a quiet suburb. As he waits for a loved one to contact him, he strikes a bond with a young neighbour to whom he bears a strange resemblance.

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Director: Simon Madore
Simon was born in the suburbs of Montreal in the 70s. Based in Toronto, this French-Canadian has made his name as a television producer. For more than 15 years, he has distinguished himself with Canadian television broadcasters (TFO, UNISTV / TV5, Radio-Canada) through numerous documentary series. From music (Stroll in Toronto, Stroll) to language (BI *) to plastic pollution (Ciao Plastique!) the topics and themes are varied and sometimes complex, but Simon always tries to treat them to make sure it can appeal to a broader audience. In recent years, based on the principle that life is a lifelong learning experience, Simon also devotes himself to narrative projects with the aim of creating singular and originale stories, told without compromise.

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