Chile , 2020, 38'47''
Director: Nicolás Fernández
Producer: Eugenio González, Nicolás Fernández

Synopsis: The wind and the storm brings a man who silently does not ask about his past. A journey begins for the newcomer. An old man invites him to talk about life and in the last moments thanks him for being his angel. An old woman struggles against her animal nature to remember. Past, present and future intermingle. Perhaps the old man's warning not to approach the river would have been the best way.

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Director: Nicolás Fernández
Chilean born at 1987 in Punta Arenas, Patagonia - Chile; The south of the world. Actor and director graduated from film school La Toma. Theater was my gateway to understand feelings and sensations. Once these emotions have been experienced cinema lets you to experiment, express and create with them. The Patagonia landscape shapes and creates both complex and different stories. We create these stories from what nature evokes. The instinctive, the intuitive, the animal. Magic becomes reality when we create from the guts.

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