Italy , 2020, 19'59''
Director: Jordi Penner
Producer: Jordi Penner
Cinematographer: Nicola Cattani
Composer: The Bankrobber
Editor: Jordi Penner

Synopsis: A series of unforeseen accidents collide with a seemingly happy young couple and their dog, revealing devasting lies, betrayals and their true selves.

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Director: Jordi Penner
Jordi Penner (Riva del Garda, 1987) is an Italian screenwriter and director. Growing up Jordi was always keen on storytelling. A voracious reader, he has always been passionate about novels, comic books and films. He earned a masters degree with honors in Film Studies from the University of Bologna. After university, Jordi collaborated with several directors, covering a variety of roles in order to perfect his technical skills in every department, especially behind the camera. For the past four years, Jordi has been teaching film studies at Trento’s prestigious Art School, while also devoting his talents to various independent projects. Love is a Dog (2020, original title Amore Cane) is Jordi’s debut short film. It premiered in RIFF - Rome Independent Film Festival were it was awarded an Honorable Mention by the jury.

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