Germany , 2019, 12'01''
Director: Wiebke Becker
Producer: Felix Klett
Cinematographer: Markus Austel
Writer: Marius Meyer
Editor: Friederike Dörfler

Synopsis: A diagnosis feared by everyone: When 18-years-old Thomas can no longer keep his paedophilia secret, his family is about to be thrown out of joint.

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Director: Wiebke Becker
Wiebke Becker grew up in the Ruhr area and liked to play theatre during her school days, but still preferred to direct it. Since she didn't know what to do with it, she first went to London as an au-pair and enjoyed the freedom. Back home, she studied film at the university of applied science Dortmund and made feature films, experimental films and documentaries there. After graduating she founded "Knallrot Filme" with a fellow student to realize her own projects. Parallel Wiebke worked as an AD for national and international film productions. After five years as an assistant it was time for the next big step. Now she can bring all her different experiences into her work as a director.

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