Germany , 2019, 14'25''
Director: Jerry Hoffmann
Producer: Giacomo Vernetti
Cinematographer: Felix Tonnat
Writer: Florens Huhn
Composer: Pelle Parr
Editor: Alexander Kunz

Synopsis: Anorexia is taking up more and more space in Jean’s life or as he would call it: the incredible feeling of absolute self-control. But then Lili enters his life.

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Director: Jerry Hoffmann
Born in Hamburg in 1989. Studied Acting and Directing in Munich, Los Angeles and Berlin. Various roles in theatre and film productions, many of them award-winning. For his debut film as a director he was awarded by USC and Walt Disney at the VRSC. He is a member of the German Film Academy and a Fulbright Alumni. Since October 2018 he is pursuing a master’s degree in Film Directing at the Hamburg Media School.

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