Spain , 2020, 11'09''
Director: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Producer: J.C. Mostaza, Pablo López
Cinematographer: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Writer: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Animation: J.C. Mostaza, Pablo López

Synopsis: Clara is a nine-year-old girl with a distorted view of reality. She'll fall into a pit from which she can only make her way up through great effort and assistance from the people close to her.

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Director: Juan Carlos Mostaza
J.C. Mostaza (Valladolid 1979) is a computer engineer and PhD in Audiovisual Communication. He started in the world of computer generated graphics and VFX, winning more than 100 international awards for his short animation and fiction films. He is currently a founding partner of the production company The Cathedral Media Productions S.L. In recent years he has developed several concepts for TV and directed several commercials spots.

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