Colombia , 2020, 20'40''
Director: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes
Producer: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes, Mateo Suárez Castiblanco
Cinematographer: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes
Writer: Daniel R., Jaime Esguerra Muriel, Luis Esguerra Cifuentes
Animation: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes
Editor: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes

Synopsis: Now the barking of the dogs can be heard here, next to us. Last night, Daniel had problems to fall asleep. Compiled with more than 5000 handmade illustrations, THE NIGHT SHATTERS MY SHADOWS intends to build, first and foremost, a diary of trips and dreams.

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Director: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes
Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia, and in Social Communication and Journalism, from Universidad de La Sabana (Bogotá, Colombia). Between 2017 and 2018, he worked as Programming Assistant for the Cartagena International Film Festival -FICCI-, and from 2018 until now he has worked as Programming Coordinator at the Bogota International Film Festival -BIFF-. In 2019 he founded the production and distribution company BRUMA CINE, which manages the exhibition rights of the most emblematic titles of the Colombian filmmaker Luis Ospina. LO ESPESO (2018), his first experimental short film, was shown at international film festivals in Brazil, Spain and Mexico, among other countries.

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