Portugal , 2020, 23'22''
Director: Vasco de Oliveira
Producer: Rocío Rivera Rosado
Cinematographer: Fábio Mota
Composer: Joe Kiely

Synopsis: A musical that reflects the power of having a voice in a society perpetuated by stigmas, through a love story that unfolds against the backdrop of a court trial.

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Director: Vasco de Oliveira
A portuguese filmmaker who has worked in digital and film, from fiction to documentary, he believes that a director should be able to adapt his skills to each genre and film, according to what it entails. ​​ Raw emotion, working with actors and using film as an insight into the ever changing landscape of society’s views is what interest him more as a filmmaker. His first indepedent film was 'The Sin of Those Who Love Us' that won 17 international awards, including best short and best director. He is starting a new venture with a production company: "O Moinho - Filmes" which co-produced 'The Cow of Fire'.

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