Israel , 2020, 10'21''
Director: Anna Anat Gofman Banai
Producer: Esther Genis, Anna Anat Gofman Banai
Cinematographer: Guy Shenkerman
Writer: Anna Anat Gofman Banai
Editor: Alon Duchovni

Synopsis: In a sleepy, small town library in the south, Naomi is busy with her daily routine. She rolls a cart loaded with books, putting them back in their places. Suddenly, she notices a lonely child playing in the library. Michael’s presence brings back painful memories from her life. Despite her desire to stay away from him, their encounter is inevitable. Throughout the day their paths intersect again and again. They get to know each other, make a connection and at nightfall, they both return to their worlds with the gift they received from this random encounter.

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Director: Anna Anat Gofman Banai
Director, screenwriter, and actress. Finished Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, and since then she is acting in diverse plays in Israeli theaters. In addition, she has completed her B.A. in directing and teaching theater at Seminar HaKibbutzim College. Currently she is enrolled in her 3rd year of an MFA degree in film and television studies at Tel-Aviv University. This is her first short film as a director.

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