Korea, South , 2020, 6'26''
Director: Jin Hyun - Bang
Producer: Jin Young - Yoon

Synopsis: Unprecedented disaster of chemical products used in household – the humidifier disinfectants disaster. Many people, including mothers and infants who used humidifier sanitizer containing harmful substances, died or damaged their health. Since then, reasonable restrictions on companies that manufacture, distribute, and sell those humidifier sanitizers, or support for victims, have not been carried out properly. In such situation, the reality is that it is difficult for the public to empathize with how the victims suffered, how they are confronting the irrationality, and how they are surviving. This tragic disaster is being forgotten from the public over time. This is a documentary made to foster empathy for the victims. A project aims to set a life expectancy and divide one’s life into 24 hours to make a life plan. A group of ordinary people make a life plan with happy memories and hope for the future. While they were making life plans for about an hour, they were exposed to the humidifier which was placed in the corner of the room they were in. If the humidifier was consisted of harmful substances, making people not able to follow most of the plans that they made. How would they feel? And how would the victims, who actually suffered such harm, live their lives day by day? We have listened to their stories.

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Director: Jin Hyun - Bang
Zisan Creative CEO Former CJ E&M Broadcasting Production Public Bond PD Former video lecturer for the International Campus RC Program at Yonsei University CJ E&M Video Survival Directors Season 1 Winner 2011 Korea Communications Commission Award 2010 Grand Bell Awards Film Festival General Jury

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