Lebanon , 2020, 7'57''
Director: Samah El Kadi
Producer: Dany Chamoun
Cinematographer: Youssef Naaman, Jad Beyrouthi
Editor: Teddy Tawil

Synopsis: Lebanon's illegal stunt biking scene is home to some of the most passionate drivers who will stop at nothing to get their thrill in spite of the constant social struggles they face.

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Director: Samah El Kadi
Samah is a Director and Writer, someone who was drawn to filmmaking very young, At 9 years old, armed with a video camera and a brain full of ideas, Samah made many special effects movies that he would proudly screen for friends and family. After graduating from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Samah started filming an ultra low-budget action war drama “I’m Not A Martyr”. The feature film showcases his nuanced approach to visual storytelling and culminates his talents as Writer and Director. Samah believes in the relevance of the stories scattered around the Middle East and in their transformative power when presented properly to the audience of that region. During the past years, he’s been directing numerous commercial films for some of the region’s most prominent brands. He then co-founded “Balkoon”, a new-age digital media company that creates quality video content, telling stories that affect and entertain Arab youth daily lives.

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