Ukraine , 2020, 25'
Director: Anastasiia Bukovska
Producer: Anastasiia Bukovska, Danylo Kaptyukh, Nikita Bukowski
Writer: Klaus Ivanov, Vlad Ned

Synopsis: Mitya is a war veteran who is trying to return to normal. He accidentally meets the lost bullmastiff called Roy. Relationships are complicated at first, but in the end, it is Roy who helps Mitya cope with her difficult past.

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Director: Anastasiia Bukovska
Anastasiia Bukovska grew up in a family of filmmakers. She graduated from the top Ukrainian film school as a director, and after that, she passed the test of working on TV. Since 2004, Anastasia is a co-founder and producer of Family Production, one of the leading production companies in Ukraine. Family produces commercials for major global brands, music videos, and feature films for foreign markets. Anastasia is also a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine. Bullmastiff is her debut movie as a director.

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