Germany , 2020, 25'59''
Director: Ben Blaskovic
Producer: Claude König, Ben Blaskovic
Cinematographer: Daniel Loher
Composer: Simon Osterhold
Editor: Nanette Foh

Synopsis: Max and Anna go on a sailing trip to Croatia. But what seems like wonderful vacation at first, soon turns out to be a struggle between love and death, that forces Max into a terrible sacrifice.

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Director: Ben Blaskovic
Ben Blaskovic was born on November 14th 1988 in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. He has been working as a professional actor in several TV-shows, series and motion pictures since over 10 years now. In 2014 he produced his first Independent-Movie „Nesseltal“ (D: Philipp J. Pamer), which won several prizes. After that he established his company „Victus Films“ (lat. victus = way of life). He has been working together with several partners to develop scripts for series, films and concepts for ads.

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