United Kingdom , 2020, 15'49''
Director: Vasco Alexandre
Producer: Billy King

Synopsis: The film follows the story of Ellie, a young girl from a violent home. The 9-year-old seems to escape from her harsh reality by spending her days in the woods of a nearby scrapyard with her friend, Pete. There, the pair have built a new home for themselves. One night, after witnessing the horrifying abuse of her mother, Ellie decides to come back home and confront her stepfather.

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Director: Vasco Alexandre
Vasco Alexandre is a Portuguese Film Director based in Scotland. He spent three years studying Media Communication in Lisbon and worked as an Assistant Director for small productions before traveling around the world and working a series of odd jobs. While documenting his trips, Vasco discovered he had a passion for directing, and decided to enroll in the film program at London's Middlesex University. Vasco accepted a bursary in Madrid during his second year of study, where he won the Best Short Film award at the CEU San Pablo University. More recently, Vasco wrote and directed his debut short film 'Yard Kings' (2020).

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