United Kingdom , 2020, 10'
Director: Luke Flanagan
Producer: Erin Sayder

Synopsis: When two kids and their estranged father miss the last train to the football, they find themselves stuck at a purgatory-like station, forcing them to work together and conjure a new game to pass the time.

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Director: Luke Flanagan
London based writer/director Luke Flanagan is best known for his breakthrough short Mind The Gap (2014) which premiered at the LSFF and won the SONOS ReScored competition. After experimenting with animation for follow-on film Once Upon a Time at the Cheese Counter (2016), Flanagan further honed his ear for comedy as co-writer on Just Desserts (2019) which premiered at that year’s Aesthetica Film Festival. More recently it has been stories of family reunion that have best captured Flanagan’s interest and having completed both The Train Catching Championships and The First Sunday After The First Full Moon in 2020, he hopes to dive deeper into these themes and firmly establish his voice as a writer/director. He is currently developing a feature length script and recording a soundtrack for an episodic short film series titled The Yellow Pages For Wiseguys.

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