Turkey , 2020, 3'06''
Director: Hüseyin Mert Erverdi
Producer: Hüseyin Mert Erverdi

Synopsis: In ‘Battle’ (2020), Shodo-Budo and abstract expressionism; eastern and western sensibilities of calligraphy and painting, put to a Zen like dynamic visual dialogue to evoke a feeling of an inner battle. ‘Battle’ also in a sense a salute to Stan Brakhage’s final film (Chinese Series), made during his own battle with cancer, by wetting a filmstrip with saliva and using his fingernail to scratch marks into the emulsion. ‘Battle’ is about the daily struggle of being in the world. It is dedicated to all the silent and not so silent battles we fought.

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Director: Hüseyin Mert Erverdi
Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1981, Hüseyin Mert Erverdi is an award-winning experimental filmmaker and new media artist. His work explores the convergence points between art, science and nature. In addition to communicating his vision through various art forms, Erverdi is deeply involved with philosophy and media theory. He received his B.A. degree in Visual Communication and Design from Bilkent University in 2008. A year after his graduation Erverdi was admitted to the M.A. program in Cinema and Television Studies at Bilgi University, which he graduated two years later with high honors.

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