Canada , 2020, 10'42''
Director: Sepideh Yadegar
Producer: Deblekha Guin (Access to Media Education Society)

Synopsis: This visual and musical feast sets the table for rich conversations about identity, belonging, creative expression, cultural appreciation + appropriation, and the complex terrain between intent, impact, and personal responsibility. Though Kim Villagante’s (aka Kimmortal) journey into the heart of who they are, and ‘what they love’ is doubtlessly unique, this story will deeply resonate with many 2nd generation immigrant youth. This short’s candid portrayal of the push/pull between adolescent pressures to conform, and ‘stand out’ also offers widely relatable gems of wisdom that can help us all along the way.

Watch this and many more films of 18th IN THE PALACE (27 FEB - 06 MAR 2021) here:

Director: Sepideh Yadegar
As a young girl growing up in Iran - where the idea of gender equality is equated with the end of civilizations - Sepideh always struggled to find a means to tell her story. When she arrived in Canada, she was elated with her newfound ability to express herself. She found voices like hers in films, therefore, she knew what she needed to do. She graduated from the Film degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2019. She believes films elevate society therefore using the medium to make impactful stories are essential to her work. She has directed two short documentaries From...(2020), and Uprooted (2017) and two short dramas Asal (2019) and Dancing in the Afternoon (2018). She is a recipient of 2020 Canada Council grant for emerging filmmakers. Her motto: "Curiosity is the key to creativity."

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