United States , 2020, 20'
Director: Donny Walker
Producer: Donny Walker
Composer: Donny Walker

Synopsis: This female empowering focus is a collaboration between director & film maker Layne Marie Williams & The Award Winning team Mind Exchange Music LLC. This short film documentary about a collaboration and what it takes to step outside of the norm. Process/Purpose/Examination of Principles & A Live Orchestral Music Film Score Performance at the end, overarching themes are feminism in media and it's relation to creativity.

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Director: Donny Walker
Donny Walker is a co-owner of Mind Exchange Music, an award-winning composer, arranger, orchestrator, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, musician, and foley artist. He’s performed and produced over 37 records, custom created 700+ fully mixed and mastered tracks, scored and produced total soundtracks for 4 feature films, 25+ short films, 3 theatre shows, 1 museum exhibit called ‘Art is Instrumental’ with the DuPage Children’s Museum, and he and his team represented original music for the nation of America in iMapp 2019’s worldwide winners round with creative genius George Berlin. His custom curated score for ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’s Emil Bach House Documentary,’ produced for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, won him most distinct original score with the 2019 Videographer Awards (a score he custom created in 12 days), and was in competition with 1500 other films; it can be streamed from WTTW PBS. His original music can be found on PBS, ABC, Hulu, SyFy, E!, Bravo and more. His soundtracks, film scores, music videos & films won over 153 awards in 2020 alone. Upcoming projects include a live film scoring multimedia show for the 150 Media Stream and the Pritzkers, and a custom curated architectural projection mapping score for ‘Vivid Sydney,’ an Interactive Light Festival in Sydney Australia, also with creative genius George Berlin. Currently, he’s working on a 14 episode live music performance production film series through Mind Exchange Music LLC featuring 26 musicians and additionally he’s especially excited to produce the full soundtrack for Danny Villanueva Jr’s upcoming feature film ‘I Dream of a Psychopomp’. Walker’s scores and sheet music (originals, arrangements, adaptations, and editorials, etc.) have been placed in front of numerous symphonies, many well-known Chicago Arts Organizations, and Educational studies. He has performed on stage with national talent, including Aretha Franklin, HARPO, The O’Jays, The Dells, and many more.

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