Canada , 2019, 12'09''
Director: Calum Hotchkiss, Gemma Eva
Producer: Gemma Eva
Writer: Gemma Eva
Composer: Will Rogers
Editor: Gemma Eva, Calum Hotchkiss

Synopsis: During the turn of the 20th century, a man contemplates life when he falls into isolation after the death of his young daughter. He is forced to survive a snowy Canadian winter while accompanied by an unusual companion.

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Director: Calum Hotchkiss, Gemma Eva
Gemma Eva is a filmmaker, theatre artist, and educator. Since she was a child, she has been involved in her local arts community when she started acting on stage. To further her creative passion, Gemma pursued a career in filmmaking, specializing in producing, directing, and writing when she was 18.  Her recent credits include "Big Little Show" (2021, short animation, writer, producer, director)​"Reset" (2021, documentary feature, associate producer), ​"Boys vs. Girls" ​(2019, feature film, associate producer), and "Rabbit and the Snare" (2019, short film, writer, producer, co-director). Her many projects have screened and won awards worldwide. Most recently, "Rabbit and the Snare" received a qualifying nomination for the Student Academy Awards® at IN THE PLACE International Short Film Festival in Bulgaria  Gemma is currently completing her MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor, School for the Creative Arts.

Calum Hotchkiss's passion for filmmaking stemmed from his hobby of nature photography as a child. His appreciation for nature has cultivated his approach as an artist and continues to inspire his work to date. Calum has developed a keen interest in cinematography, directing, and editing. He aspires to become a reputable director of photography and lend his eye to a wide array of projects and stories Calum's recent projects include CBC's "​Land and Sea: Therapeutic Riding"​ (2018, documentary TV, cinematographer), "​Rabbit and the Snare​" (2019, short film, co-director/cinematographer), "Care Work Is Essential Work. It's Also Climate Work,"​ featuring Naomi Klein and directed by Nick Hector (2020, short documentary, assistant editor), ​"Corporate Rent Strike!" produced by The Leap (2020, short documentary, editor).  Calum is currently completing his MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor.

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