France , 2019, 30'11''
Director: Manon Coubia
Producer: Emmanuelle Latourrette

Synopsis: One night. On deserted ski slopes, the night ride of the groomers is about to begin. Antoine, 25 years old, joins his team. In the middle of the world, the hypnotic ballet of the machines that tirelessly shape the landscape starts. Suddenly the mountain growls. Stopped in the night, Antoine begins a journey in between where the myths of a mountain both feared and venerated are embodied.

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Director: Manon Coubia
Manon Coubia got her degree in Film Direction at INSAS, Belgium, and is a member of the filmakers collective Voa Films in Brussels. She has directed various films : Sonate Blanche, her student film in 2007, as well as a medium-length documentary film, Bleu Cerise, in 2012. In 2016 she received the Golden Leopard « Pardi Di Domani » for the Best International Short Film at the Locarno IFF for The fulness of time (Romance). Children leave at down, her next short film was selected for La semaine de la Critique 2017. With Marée her latest mediumlength film, she continues to explore the world of her native mountains, its people and phantoms. The movie was selected for the 2019 Locarno Film Festival competition.

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