The initiative involves 75 young people from 15 European countries on age between 18-30 who are working and are active in the areas of journalism, new media, blogging, video blogging, photography, art criticism, and cultural studies.

Newsroom IN THE PALACE activities refer to two week long educational programme for the participants in the initiative, leaded by professionals in the field of international cultural event management and entrepreneurship in culture and audiovisual art.

The next phase of the programme activities implementation includes development of international newsroom in the framework of the Festival which engages with presenting the authors and the films included in the event programme as also the festival activities and its performance among the 15 partner countries in local and national media channels.

During the Festival the young professionals who are taking part in the initiative will be occupied with interviewing filmmakers and participants, writing reviews and articles about the films, making cultural-studies researches about the social tendencies and issues in the contemporary audiovisual art, taking pictures and shooting videos and reporting on the event in their respective countries and in social media.