Dissection of Democracy Initiative aims to promote participation of young people from different countries in the social and public life of their countries and the European Union's democratic processes using media and film to raise awareness on cultural co-operation, education for human rights and democratic citizenship.

The project allows the young people to demonstrate their creativity, knowledge and skills by producing together an international short film omnibus on youth civic issues.

During the youth exchange is simulated the functioning of the European authorities and institutions and the roles of decision-makers, learning to critically analyze political and social issues and to make their voice heard.

The main objective of the project is to focus the young people on the fact that each person is responsible for what is happening around him/her, being able to effect society in a positive way.

The participants themselves choose among several topics to reflect in their own film projects and discuss during the exchange:

  • Young people's European citizenship and active participation in democratic life;
  • Youth unemployment and poverty;
  • Marginalisation and inclusion of young migrants, disabled young people, and, where relevant, Roma youth;
  • Global environmental challenges and climate change.

Furthermore, they review possible solutions to be implemented, in the light of their own researches and in the presence of decision-makers and experts with a view to find out their needs and wishes on matters relating to participation in democratic life.

The programme of Dissection of Democracy combines different activities, informal and non-formal learning methods, leading to the personal, socio-educational and professional development of all participants and promoters involved. It is based on learning by experience, learning by doing and learning through interaction, as well as on a system - and process-oriented approach with a strong personal learner centered focus.

Facilitating direct contacts between young people, experts and decision-makers with different cultural background but common interests and goals, the project enables them to put a stress on issues of interest and concern of paramount importance for the whole European youth.