The challenge is running in Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Balchik. Each team participating in the challenge consists of up to 6 members, including director, producer, cinematographer, lights, sound and editor. In a period of 48 hours the teams should produce short films with maximum duration of 5 minutes. Topics are entirely related with the city where the challenge is implemented.

Applying the lottery principle, each team chooses key words from 100, which should be contained in the film title or thematic framework. The key words present excerpts from legends, literature, music and other art works, regarding the involved in this initiatives city`s cultural heritage, locations, sites of historical and contemporary meaning, etc. One of the 3 key words indicates the location where the film should be shot or presented.

The genre is chosen from among: horror - comedy - action - crime - adventure - gangster - science fiction - drama - thriller - western - musical / dance - romantic - political - suspense - tragedy - documentary - black comedy.

All films completed the challenge are presented in a special screenings event and the audience chooses the winner in the challenge. The films produced will be also uploaded in an online video sharing channel, where the audience is also able to vote for the best movie. The winner team`s award provides free accreditation for IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival and participation in the festival educational program for young professionals for all the team members. Travel and accommodation are covered by the festival.