TEHC partnership is designed to be complementary in terms of structure and legal status, background, expertise, mission and core activities.

The leading partner, AGIS (IT), is the General Association representing the Italian entrepreneurs in the fields of cinema and performing arts, so it can provide a wide network both in private and public sectors.

The scientific supervision of the project will be granted by IULM (IT), a private University in the field of film literacy and audio-visual production.

The civil society is also well through the Vizo Institute (SL), a private non-profit NGO focused on film education and devoted to spreading the critical evaluation of film among young people, and through Format SFF Foundation (BG), a non-profit private organization committed to the creation of professional and educational environments where filmmakers of different age, experience and professional background can work together in a cross-cultural international framework.

Lastly, the private sector is represented by the Romanian Film Promotion (RO), a private organization with the purpose of supporting young filmmakers and promoting Romanian and European films across the country and abroad.



TEHC is a program co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 


The project aims at increasing the popularity of European film among high school students and at the same time at bringing a considerable contribution to improving the quality of history classes and deepening the understanding of important historical events for Europe, through cinema.


It is the first film education project that focuses on a particular subject from the school curriculum (history) and proposes the use of fiction to deepen it, alongside cultivating cinema education. Another distinguishing element of TEHC is the pedagogical approach used: the project is not based only on the transmission of information, but also on the development of the practical skills necessary on the long-term for students, skills that will enable them to grow into active and informed citizens. Thus, movies will be teaching tools not only just to exemplify certain historical moments, but they will be also a starting point for creating other audio-visual materials: video-essays.



Each partner involved in this project will organize at least 4 screenings for high school students – films focusing on Europe's history - revolutions, wars, migration, social movements, important figures, cultural trends etc.

Each of the countries involved will reach around 1000 students, involving 40 teachers, from different high schools.  Around 40 video-essays from each country are expected to be developed by the students as a result of the program.

By producing video-essays, both students and teachers will become familiar with all the components of audio-visual language (image, sound, editing, graphics etc.) and will be part of the new generation of viewers.



The main activity of the project will be the creation of an annual program of film screenings for high-school students of the countries involved .The selected works shall be related or relatable to European history and shall be both recent productions and heritage movies, intended as an historical source.  All screenings will take place in theaters and played in their original version with subtitles.

The screening program will be preceded and integrated by a teacher training course, aimed at improving teachers’ skills in the field of film education

While attending at the learning units, students will have also to create their own cross-media products, in the form of video essays. The student’s works will be the object of an online contest that will assign an award to the best video-essays. The winning projects will be screened during national and international dissemination events



The total budget for the project is € 267.500,00, all costs regarding the royalties, screenings, development of teaching materials and distance learning tools, multimedia kits and DVDs, specialized personnel and promotion being included here.  There will be no costs for the beneficiaries of the project. All the trainings and screenings are free.

TEHC - Teaching European History through Cinema