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IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival

The Student Edition of 'IN THE PALACE' takes place in the picturesque Black Sea town of Balchik in the former residence of the Queen Marie Alexandra Victoria, where the campus of the State Cultural Institute - Cultural Center "The Palace" provides very favorable environment and atmosphere for the realization of such initiatives with educational character.

The students event provides international competition section for short films up to 27 minutes length and produced in the following categories: Fiction; Documentary; Animation; Experimental. The authors audiovisual productions are assessing by international jury of proven professionals in this field of art.

The film-festival week frame includes Q&A session – discussion forum. On this forum the participants from different film teams would get the chance to present their own productions on public and discuss different topics with the audience and journalists as well.

Outside the competing part of the festival the program involves a set of short film screenings, sorted by topics. This way the young filmmakers from European schools, universities and other educational institutions would have the opportunity to acquaint with the artwork of their colleagues from other educational institutions specialized in the art of filmmaking from all around Europe.

Immutable part of the student film forum are the educational sections, involving a set of lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, master classes etc., leaded by proven professionals with extensive experience in the field of audio-visual arts.

The structure of the festival represents а favorable platform for creative project prominence as well as educational meeting for the youngest generation of filmmakers in the country, in Europe and the world. Thus creating a very favorable environment for the exchange of personal and professional experience in the field through intercultural dialogue and methods of non-formal education, and also for establishment of professional contacts and new opportunities for future joint initiatives with experts from different fields of contemporary audiovisual culture .

Students edition of IN THE PALACE is organized by Format SFF Foundation and Community Centre Veshtina in partnership and with support of Balchik Municipality, Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Bulgarian National Film Centre, State Cultural Institute – Cultural Centre “The Palace”, Balchik and Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski”.



Balchik is a small and romantic town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, known with its white cliffs and tiered houses, its narrow streets and picturesque surroundings.

The town has a history spanning over almost 3000 years. During that period it was known as the ancient Greek colony of Krouni, the Greek and subsequently Byzantine fortress of Dionyssopolis, mediaeval Bulgarian town Karvouna and the Ottoman and later again Bulgarian town of Balchik. The town was named after the Boyar Balik who once owned it and ruled over it. In the 1913-1940 periods Balchik was under Romanian administration.

One of the most interesting places in the vicinity of the town is the architectural park complex "The Palace" (venue of the festival), built by the Italian architects Amerigo and Agustino within the period 1920-1936. It was the former summer residence of the British princess and Romanian Queen Marie of Edinburgh.


Balchik Balchik Balchik

Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace

Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace