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IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival

USHI Short Film Festival is an independent and parallel to IN THE PALACE ISFF event organized entierly for the youngest cinema lovers. The main idea of creating friendly environment and favourable creative atmosphere for children is provoked by the fact that art is the most appropriate and successful method of agression, dependance and violence prevention amongs the youngest members in our society.

Under the motto “from the youngest to the youngest” USHI Film Festival provides an international competition for animated films created by children on age between 5 and 15 years. The jury is also represented entierly by children. In the framework of the festival week the program includes variety of special educational pannels: animation ateliers, masterclasses in illustration and comics, „How to shoot my first film” workshops leaded by specialists animators.

By its specifics USHI Film Festival provides a great opportunity for the young participants to exchange intercultural experience as well as to find new friends from all around Europe in an unique educational and at the same time joyful atmosphere.

The pictursque former residence of Queen Maria Alexandara Victoria in Balchik creates exeptionally favourable environment where the children can get the opportunity to develop their creativity and sense of estetics, to express their own artistic ideas, develop their social skills, adopt the feeling of tolerance and respect towards others, increase their self confidence and knowledge in the field of arts. 



Balchik is a small and romantic town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, known with its white cliffs and tiered houses, its narrow streets and picturesque surroundings.

The town has a history spanning over almost 3000 years. During that period it was known as the ancient Greek colony of Krouni, the Greek and subsequently Byzantine fortress of Dionyssopolis, mediaeval Bulgarian town Karvouna and the Ottoman and later again Bulgarian town of Balchik. The town was named after the Boyar Balik who once owned it and ruled over it. In the 1913-1940 periods Balchik was under Romanian administration.

One of the most interesting places in the vicinity of the town is the architectural park complex "The Palace" (venue of the festival), built by the Italian architects Amerigo and Agustino within the period 1920-1936. It was the former summer residence of the British princess and Romanian Queen Marie of Edinburgh.


Balchik Balchik Balchik

Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace

Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace Balchik Palace